We manufacture high-quality products for industrial and residential use

We are the first to produce coatings with 100% Mexican technology.

About the division

We are comprised of four business units where we manufacture coatings and thermal insulators, tar derivatives, non-woven fiberglass mesh, and high density polyethylene products, such as pipes.

We also have a company that offers electrophoretic and electrostatic painting services for the global automotive and appliance sectors.

Our companies are:

  • Impermeabilizantes
  • Proesa
  • Extrumex
  • Protexchem
  • Fipro


We offer a wide range of premium products for residential and industrial use throughout Mexico, such as:

  • Acrylic waterproofing
  • Prefabricated waterproofing
  • Asphalt waterproofing
  • Thermal insulation protection
  • Concrete admixtures
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Pioneers in Mexico in manufacturing quality waterproofing products


We focus on the application of high-technology anticorrosive coatings to metal and plastic parts in the automotive, electronic, and industrial sectors. We have two plants, located in Coahuila and San Luis Potosí.

Our processes consist of: e-coating, powder coating, and liquid painting.

Liquid paint by immersion (e-coat), powder coat by aspersion (powder coat), and liquid paint for final finishing (top coat).


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We have the two largest plants in Mexico for the production of electrophoretic and electrostatic paint, serving the global automotive industry.


We are the first company in Mexico to manufacture, from our plant in Nuevo León, high-density polyethylene pipes for uses such as: potable water and gas distribution, drainage, electrical and fiber optic cabling, fire protection networks, livestock and agriculture, sprinkler risk, and mining.

We have registered the brand Extru Pak ®, a system of high-density polyethylene and high-molecular weight tubing and fittings for aquaculture use with properties of flexibility, high hydrostatic, physical, and mechanical resistance.

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We are currently market leaders in high-density polyethylene pipes and fittings. 


Our tar processor is the first and only one in the country. This is where we generate all derivatives for wood processing, coking, and metal production, such as steel and aluminium.

The creosote we obtain is used in wood impregnation and coking plants, while the pitch is used in graphite electrodes, activated carbon, electrode paste, anticorrosive enamels, and anticorrosive paints.

Our products are exported to the United States, Chile, and Brazil.

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Located in Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, we are the only manufacturer of non-woven fiberglass fabric, which is used to produce:

  • Prefabricated asphalt
  • Carpets
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Drywall
  • Low-void ceiling
  • Pipeline thermal insulation
  • Structure surface applications
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