We are Protexa

Contributing to Mexico’s development for 76 years

“We are a group of companies that have weathered storms and that, thanks to the courageous and dedicated condition of its people, remain on the road, always ahead”, Don Humberto Lobo Villarreal, founder.

About us

With an innovative vision, on May 23, 1945, Mr. Humberto Lobo Villarreal founded the first Protexa company, marking a milestone in the industrial boom of Monterrey and contributing to the creation of a broad productive structure in Mexico.

Today we are a company solidly founded on knowledge and experimentation in the industrial, energy, real estate and business sectors. Our constant innovations and accumulated experience allowed us to multiply our expansion from Nuevo León to eight states, with operations throughout Mexico and Latin America.

We continue to move forward, strengthening our corporate governance and the contribution of our independent directors, to detect areas of opportunity and new businesses that consolidate our sustainability and honor the unique legacy of Protexa.

We are Protexa. Proudly made in Mexico for the world.

Out comittment

Our approach is to transcend by contributing to the development of Mexico and the world, based on our vision of “growing, making our people grow”.

The innovation and diversification of our products, the quality of our services and the ability to offer original solutions have characterized us in Mexico and in Latin America.


We were born from an innovation in waterproofing, which we continue to manufacture today. Our coatings are the best in Mexico.

We have the two largest plants in the country for the production of electrophoretic and electrostatic paint, which serve global companies.

Our tar-based insulation processor is the first and only one in the country. Here we generate all the derivatives for the treatment of wood, and electrodes for the production of metals such as steel and aluminum.

We were among the first in Mexico to produce high-density polyethylene pipes and fittings for innumerable uses, such as conducting drinking water and corrosive fluids, as well as a wide variety of products for different industries, such as agriculture.

We also manufacture fiberglass mesh in our plant, which is the first and only in the country.


We are the first Mexican company to carry out offshore drilling operations with jack-ups, also known as jack ups.

We build pipelines, interconnect superstructures and also carry out highly complex works and provide maintenance services for infrastructure on deck, on land or underwater.

We also provide comprehensive fluid services to drill, repair and complete oil wells, whether exploratory or production.

The experience, execution capacity and professional solvency of our staff make us the leading company in Mexico and Latin America to comprehensively carry out offshore hydrocarbon exploration, extraction and infrastructure works.

Real Estate

We are present in the housing, commercial, industrial and leisure sectors.

We develop residential areas to increase people’s quality of life, creating the communities of the future.

We build shopping centers that detonate the economy.


We venture into the control and tracking of cargo, merchandise and fleets, through communication technologies in real time.

We have a hotel in the most important tourist area of ​​Mexico, Cancun, where we offer new travel experiences designed for families.

We have certified vehicle verification centers recognized for their excellence in quality and customer service.

We provide specialized maintenance to reactors and energy infrastructure.

Part of UN’s Global Compact

As part of our sustainability strategy, we adhere to the United Nations Global Compact. In this way, we commit ourselves to comply with the 10 universally accepted principles on human rights, labor regulation, the environment and anti-corruption.

Compliance and Integrity

We work under a Compliance and Integrity Management System, which ensures adherence to best corporate practices, based on ISO-19600.

This system allows us to continuously measure and improve aspects such as: customer satisfaction, reduction of environmental impact, contribution to sustainable development, implementation of anti-corruption mechanisms and reduction of risks to personnel in matters of industrial safety and health at work.


As part of our commitment to quality and sustainability, we have the following accreditations:

· ISO-9001: 2015 [quality]

· ISO-14001: 2015 [environmental management]

· ISO-45001: 2018 [occupational health and safety]

· Socially Responsible Distinction awarded to Permaducto and Propetrol, two of our companies.




Protexa emerged thanks to the innovative vision of Mr. Humberto Lobo Villarreal, who on May 23, 1945 founded the first company of the group, dedicated to the manufacture of waterproofing.

Throughout 75 years we have diversified and expanded our presence to Mexico and Latin America.

We invite you to know our trajectory.

Our values



We act responsibly, with transparency and adherence to universal values.


We fully trust our people, processes, products and services.


We communicate with objectivity and truthfulness, in adherence to constant improvement.


We handle our resources and information prudently.

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