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We are a humanistic company aimed to develop its collaborators and their families.

About us

We work under a multidisciplinary method, seeking the well-being of our work teams and that of their families.

Today we have more than 6,000 employees in nine states of Mexico.

We contribute to the growth of our collaborators through:

– Training programs and educational support

– Promotion of internal promotion

– Empowerment and coaching

– Innovation projects and workouts

Humberto Lobo Villarreal, Protexa’s founder said:

“All of you, with that enthusiasm that they put in their work, are the that have made it possible for us to go doing the things necessary to this development … the other physical things that are part of the company, are reformed, bought, left; however, the human factor It is the one that remains, the one that has the main meaning of the company ”.

Leadership principles:

Convinced that we are all potential leaders, we work under five principles that empower our employees:

  1. Innovative: We like to start, design roads and take the lead.
  2. Committed: Committed to high learning, we like to grow and make our people grow.
  3. Visionaries; With a vision for the future, we build strategies for sustainability
  4. Team Collaboration: It sustains our results; we are team, help and example.
  5. Resilient: We are resilient, capable of facing adversity, recovering and adapting.


At Protexa we seek to strengthen our growth, promoting respect and equal opportunities throughout the organization, treating everyone fairly and reinforcing a culture of inclusion, where we value our differences.

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